“we have such sights to show you”

Different sights, different sounds, different smells…it’s a whole new experience on Highway 6 and you won’t want to miss a thing.  If you love great music, art, food and drinks…then this is the place for you! Be sure to keep up to date on what’s happening now and many more 

events coming soon.  Take a peek at our Facebook and Instagram pages and pipe in on our blog…we’d love to hear from you!  The Tin Snug is the best place to be, and we can’t wait to see you in here soon!

And what’s next?…

The Tin Snug is a cool cafe with a touch of Irish flair, serving some tasty foods & drinks.  It’s a great place along Highway 6 for locals to gather, travelers to stop, and everyone to have a great time!  

This year, we’re excited to be opening our outdoor seating and event venue, and we’re adding more indoor space for private parties.  We’ll be filling the calendar with events that you won’t want to miss!  

And finally, we’re planning to open a Tin Snug location in IRELAND!  The dream is big and we’re excited to see it all come together…so plan to join us for the ride!

Our Hours

Mon – Thur 

10 am to 4 pm (Closed Tues)

Fri, Sat & Sun

9 am to 8 pm



Connect With Us

Phone  (360) 291-2822